Our foundation is built with love for specialty coffee, and all people of any gender, color, orientation or creed. We take pride in being environmentally responsible so while loving all people, we also love our original foundation– this Earth.

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We make people happy with great food and drinks

We roast our coffee in-house for the freshest coffee experience in the DTC

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Don't miss our banana and blueberry muffins or our famous ``Crave Bread``

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What our guests are saying about us

Crave is absolutely amazing!! The owner Jenny has an incredible story and serves each cup of coffee and homemade baked good with love! They roast their own coffee in house so it's super fresh! The crave bread is to die for! I was also blown away by the banana muffins and breakfast burritos. The burritos are so wonderful, unique, light, and delicious. I urge anyone reading this to go and visit, I promise you will not be disappointed!

Stephanie G.

Crave is truly amazing. It a very cute and quaint place with a great atmosphere. I love her healthy smoothies because I'm not a coffee drinker and I like that she bakes everything fresh each day. Great spot!!!

Odane A.

The Salted caramel latte and chai are consistently delicious every time we come in here! Also love the breakfast burritos.

Erin S.

One of the best coffee shops I've been to. The owner is very kind and friendly.

George D

The best experience! you have to taste CRAVE BREAD !!!!!

Carolina R.

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We make people happy with great food and drinks

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Iced coffee might be cold, but it was made in heaven

As long as you know how to bake, life is sure to be sweet!

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